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Timber Inventory

Determine volume of timber by species and products Do you know the amount of merchantable timber on your property? We’ll tell you! Standard practices, long accepted by the forestry industry are used to gather and compile data.  Tree diameter and height measurements are recorded on a field computer, then down loaded to our office computer… Read more »

Timber Appraisal

Apply market value to inventory Don’t sell your timber before you know what its worth! The forest inventory is used to develop a detailed appraisal. The timber and land are valued by species, tree grades, diameter classes, accessibility, logging conditions and growth potential. Appraisals are necessary for purchase, sale, litigation and intensive management of forest… Read more »

Timber Management Plans

To guide the management of your resources Your Direction to the Future: Forests can provide you a vast array of benefits, including financial, aesthetic and recreational. In addition, environmental benefits such as wildlife habitat, soil conservation, watershed protection and others can be derived from a healthy forest. Decisions you make today will affect the potential… Read more »

Timber Sales

We’ll get you the best possible return while managing your resources to meet your objectives. The first step in conducting a timber sale is to identify your objectives. Then we can tailor a harvest plan to meet those objectives.  The harvest plan will identify and map the areas for harvest and outline the prescriptions that… Read more »

Specialty Marketing

Worldwide markets for export sawlogs, veneer and domestic grade sawlogs Increasing demand for forest products coupled with the reduction in harvest on public lands has dramatically increased the value of and competition for timber from private forest lands. This ever-changing market makes it difficult for the private landowner to market his forest products most profitably…. Read more »

GIS & GPS Technologies

Long gone are the days when the forester carried a paper map and a clipboard as primary means of navigation and data recording. While the underlying principles and practices have remained, the tools of the trade are constantly evolving for greater efficiency and accuracy.  We stay up to date with the latest technology in Global… Read more »

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

We can assure your project will comply with all environmental regulations, most importantly the Clean Water Act. We can prepare the Erosion & Sedimentation Plan, delineate wetlands, and acquire Stream Crossing Permits.

Insect & Disease Control

Forest pests are becoming more and more a part of any forest management plan. Gypsy moth, forest tent caterpillar, spanworm, etc., we can identify the pest, determine severity of outbreak and develop a treatment plan.  Or in some cases we will develop a proactive harvest plan to mitigate the effects.  And in the worst case… Read more »

Timber Damage Valuation

Timber losses can come in many forms; intentional or accidental trespass, insects, disease or wind-throw, clearing for gas, oil or electric rights of way.  We can determine the volume and value of the trees to be removed or if the trees were cut without your prior knowledge, we can determine volumes and values through stump… Read more »

Timber Stand Improvement

Often the first management recommendation to be applied to a young forest is a “weeding” or timber stand improvement operation. There is little immediate return in this type of operation but growth and corresponding future value can be increased dramatically.  We can advise you on when and how this operation should be implemented.

Boundary Maintenance

A clearly marked property boundary is your best defense against unauthorized use of your property, including timber trespass or theft.  We can identify your property boundaries, permanently marking them with paint and /or signage. Or if boundary evidence is lacking, we can recommend a licensed surveyor to establish them in the field.

Forest Regeneration

The establishment of a new forest stand is a primary focus in sustainable forestry.  In oak and northern hardwood stands such as those found in our region, regeneration occurs as a natural process when seeds that drop or are dispersed by the wind or animals develop into seedlings.  Stump sprouts and root suckers also contribute… Read more »

Hunting Lease Management

Several of our clients have leased recreational rights to their property.  This is an effective way to pay your property taxes as well as to help control deer numbers and the problems they can cause with regeneration.  An added benefit is the additional eyes on the ground that the presence of additional stakeholders would provide… Read more »

Oil, Gas and Minerals

Whether you own oil, gas and mineral rights under your property or not, you will most likely have to deal with the companies that develop, produce and transport these resources.  We have extensive experience with companies from traditional shallow oil drillers that disturb a quarter acre here and there to modern shale gas producers that… Read more »