Timber Sales

winterpileIn order to achieve maximum productivity from forestland, trees need to be thinned and harvested when mature. This harvesting allows the maximum growth potential of future stands while generating income through the sale of the harvested timber.



We provide these services on timber sales:

  • Select trees to harvest based on landowner goals
  • Identify harvest trees using paint
  • Determine volume of harvest trees
  • Estimate expected value for harvest trees
  • Advertise for the sale of timber and receive competitive bids
  • Prepare timber cutting contracts to protect the landowner
  • Assist in sale layout; roads, landing, etc.
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Plan preparation
  • Monitor cutting to ensure contract compliance
  • Follow sale through to its completion
  • If you are thinking about selling some timber, you should consider these results of actual sales we recently handled.


119,314 board feet
High Bid – $107,123.00
Low Bid – $68,000.00
Land and Timber (993 Acres)
High Bid – $5,500,275.00
Low Bid – $1,822,000.00
7,638,163 board feet,
High Bid – $3,965,206
Low Bid – $1,448,017
229,521 board feet,
High Bid – $60,833
Low Bid – $38,067

These results plainly show that our method of selling timber through competitive bidding assures you the best possible price for your timber.